How to Accurately Show Interest Payments in Home Equity Loan

This is driving me crazy.  Does anyone have a good workaround?

I transfer $1000 out of my checking to my Home Equity Loan in MS Money.

Checking statement show $1,000 going out (nice and simple to reconcile)

Home Equity Loan statement shows $951 coming in and $49 interest payment 
($1,000 total).

It appears MS Money can't split the transfer into 2 transactions (one for 
the principal and one for the interest) to coincide how the bank shows the 

Any ideas?


TLMc (1)
4/5/2007 5:26:03 AM
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Well, if entering transactions by hand, this is simple.

Money can split the transaction into two components (assuming Money 05-07 
Advanced Registers or M04 or earlier and not Money Essential (MEss)). What 
at issue is that the downloaded data looks like two transactions, neither of 
which match the $1,000. If the bank downloaded the $1,000 payment credit and 
the $interest debit, you'd be fine.

Have you tried editing the first $1,000 transaction downloaded into a 
Transfer:[home equity loan account] and then accepting it and then, when 
downloading the other two, matching the $principal with the $1,000 and just 
let the Interest turn into a separate Expense transaction in the account? 
(New Balance = Old Balance - $1,000 + $interest). I don't know if Money will 
let you do this; I just enter transactions by hand and avoid dependence on 
the poorly formed and frequently incomplete download data that all too many 
FIs/Yodlee/CashEdge provide.

"TLMc" <> wrote in message
> This is driving me crazy.  Does anyone have a good workaround?
> I transfer $1000 out of my checking to my Home Equity Loan in MS Money.
> Checking statement show $1,000 going out (nice and simple to reconcile)
> Home Equity Loan statement shows $951 coming in and $49 interest payment
> ($1,000 total).
> It appears MS Money can't split the transfer into 2 transactions (one for
> the principal and one for the interest) to coincide how the bank shows the
> transaction.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
> Thanks. 

4/5/2007 12:45:23 PM

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