How Do I Import Stock Quotes to Money2004 Standard?

Does anyone know how to import stock quotes into Money.
Some of the ones I am interested in are not supported by 
MSN for online update. I know I can enter the data 
manually but I want to be able to update prices for 
multiple stocks on a regular basis.

I have tried ceating a .ofx file for importing and Money 
reports "Import Completed" with no errors but the price I 
specified does not appear in the price history.
The extract from the .ofx file relating to price I was 
trying to import is as follows:


Is there an easier way? Can it be acheived using a .ofx 
import and, if so, can someone provide an example of a 
single quote import that I can base my import on?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered. 

tanewha_0 (1)
7/23/2004 12:17:27 AM
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