Help Needed !!!

I was using the trial version of Money 2005 in the past few weeks. Today I 
purchased and installed Money 2005 Standard version. After installation, I 
could not open the previous money file. When I tried to open the file, it 
prompted that it would convert the file to the new version. However, the 
conversion failed with message 'can not open the file ... due to either no 
permission or file is being opened ...' I am using Windows ME on my personal 
computer. No other application is using the file. The file is not read only 
either. Anybody would share his / her experience if the same thing happened 
to you before?

Thanks a lot!
Joseph1 (69)
2/23/2005 6:39:02 AM
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In, Joseph wrote:

>I was using the trial version of Money 2005 in the past few weeks. Today I 
>purchased and installed Money 2005 Standard version. After installation, I 
>could not open the previous money file. When I tried to open the file, it 
>prompted that it would convert the file to the new version. However, the 
>conversion failed with message 'can not open the file ... due to either no 
>permission or file is being opened ...' I am using Windows ME on my personal 
>computer. No other application is using the file. The file is not read only 
>either. Anybody would share his / her experience if the same thing happened 
>to you before?

Let Money 2005 create a new Money file without a Passport, clicking
Decline in the process.  It will do an update so that Help->About...
says you  then have version 14.0.*.1105.

Then you should be able to open or restore your existing files.

via_newsgroup (13114)
2/23/2005 7:41:25 AM

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