help balancing account

I'm misunderstanding something fundamental about balancing accounts in
MS Money 2004. To get started I downloaded several ofx files from my
bank and imported them. I marked all the transactions as reconciled
and tried to balance the account. My statements show a starting and
ending date and a beginning and ending balance. I have tried entering
a statement starting  date for "Statement date:" and the starting and
ending balance from that statment. The result I get is:

"Money has calculeated a different starting balance than the one you

Why is it asking me for two dates and one balance?
11/1/2004 10:53:59 PM
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> Why is it asking me for two dates and one balance?

Correction, why is it asking me for one date and two balances? The
help states:

In the Statement date box, enter the ending date shown on your
In the Ending balance box, type the amount shown on your account
statement. The Starting balance should be the same as the ending
balance from the last time the account was balanced.

OK, so I download transactions from 10-1-04 through 10-31-04. When I
try to balance I enter 10-29-4 for the date. This is the date of the
last transaction. I have also tried entering 10-31-04. I enter the
daily balance on 10-1-04 as a starting balance. In the ending balance
I enter the daily balance on 10-29-04 which is the same as the balance
on 10-31-04. Result:

"Money has calculeated a different starting balance than the one you

Why is Money not using the starting balance I entered? I thought that
was the point of the exercise.
11/2/2004 11:48:58 AM

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