Error message loop in M04

Money 2004 came loaded on my new HP laptop so I have 
tried to use it, but have a problem.
1. I convert my Quicken 2002 files to Money 2004. That 
works Ok. I can update them manually no problem. I can 
save and back them up, and close the program.

2. But if I once attempt to update stock quotes, The 
whole works stops. Microsoft wants me to send them an 
error message, and restart Money. This becomes an endless 
loop, of error message and re-starts.

3. I have removed and re-installed Money, and re-
converted the Quicken file, but now the error loop starts 
even before I go online.

I have now gone thru this process on three different 
computers and three operating systems: XP Pro, XP home, 
and Win 98. Same result each time. Even the Anti-virus 
and firewall programs are different. I have gone back 
quite a ways in your posts and can't find a similar 
problem, but that surprises me.

Help?? Thanks Juan

anonymous (74722)
6/27/2004 6:04:13 PM
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