Discussion of Money Plus (M08) feature: Link to Image or File

The ability to associate a scanned receipt, photo, or other
document to a transaction has been frequently requested.  Money
Plus (M08) adds a feature that allows a link to such a document.
There are articles about this in Help.  Enter "link" into the
search box of Help to see a list of articles.

In Advanced register, you can do the linking in a credit card,
bank, asset, liability, savings, checking account, as well as the
Cash Transactions register of an Investment account.  The only
transactions that I have found that you cannot link from are a loan
account and the Investment Transactions register of an Investment

To link to such a file, know where the file is.  It is probably
best to create a new sub-folder in the folder that holds your Money
files.  I created MnFiles in the folder where I keep Money files.
The file can be anywhere on the computer, and probably off of the
computer.  If you can browse to it in Windows Explorer, I expect
you could link to it.  Right click the transaction and choose

A paper clip icon gets put into the column with the flag icon where
the indications of a transaction marked for followup go.

If a transaction has that paper clip, right clicking to anywhere in
the transaction gives a menu that adds RemoveLinkToFile and
OpenLinkedFile to the normal list that you would get from a right

In my testing, OpenLinkedFile to linked file test1.txt opened file
in Notepad per the Windows associations.  Opening test.zip gave
pop-up warning because Money Plus has a list of filetypes that it
thinks are safer.  Zip files are not on that list.  Click OK to go
ahead and open the file.  The Zip file opened as a Windows Explorer
folder.  Thus that way you could have multiple files associated
with the transaction within the Zip file.  There is still no
OpenWith choice.

There is a RemoveLinkToFile choice when you right click too.

The linked filenames are absolute rather than relative to the
location of the .mny file.

There is no straight forward way to know the name of an image file
other than opening it and finding out in the associate application.
For the zip file, the warning box that you get as you choose to
OpenLinkedFile shows the path and filename.
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