depost in wrong account via import

How can my deposits which are listed under one account be changed to a
different account?
After importing ofx bank transaction data into money 2004 standard,
some account deposit series are ending up in the wrong account

jmoeller18 (31)
12/12/2004 4:57:57 PM
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In, jmoeller18 wrote:

>How can my deposits which are listed under one account be changed to a
>different account?
>After importing ofx bank transaction data into money 2004 standard,
>some account deposit series are ending up in the wrong account
To prevent the problem from happening in the future, remove the
institution listed for the account that incorrectly got the OFX
statement, and reimport. Money should then ask which account should
get the OFX file.

If you have a suitable backup file, you could restore to a point
before you did that process. Restore, remove the institution, import
the file, and then change the institution back.

If restoring is not practical, right-click each wrong-place
transaction and choose "Cut and Paste to Account". Sorting the
register by order of entry may help with that.

via_newsgroup (13114)
12/12/2004 5:12:02 PM
thx! cut and past to account is excellent! i download and import the
ofx statements manually, i had upgraded from ver 2003 deluxe and that
could be part of the confusion. I may try the reimport (after backing
up) -Jeff

jmoeller18 (31)
12/12/2004 10:33:11 PM
In, jmoeller18 wrote:

>thx! cut and past to account is excellent! i download and import the
>ofx statements manually, i had upgraded from ver 2003 deluxe and that
>could be part of the confusion. I may try the reimport (after backing

That's good to hear.

You probably want to still remove the financial institution from the
"wrong" account temporarily to cause Money to re-ask who gets OFX
files for that account.

via_newsgroup (13114)
12/12/2004 11:21:04 PM
yes, i realized it was necessary the more i thought about thx!-jeff

jmoeller18 (31)
12/14/2004 1:03:55 PM

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