Closed Investment Problem

One of my closed investments still appeats on my Money 
Home Page Investment Summary.  All the other investments 
appearing in the summary are open, except this one.  I 
checked the investment transactions for this investment 
and they are all correct, resulting in a zero share 
balance.  Help!!  How can I get rid of this appearing in 
the investment summary without deleting all the 
investment's data?

anonymous (74722)
9/8/2004 4:53:45 PM
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"novena21" <> wrote in message 
> One of my closed investments still appeats on my Money
> Home Page Investment Summary.  All the other investments
> appearing in the summary are open, except this one.  I
> checked the investment transactions for this investment
> and they are all correct, resulting in a zero share
> balance.  Help!!  How can I get rid of this appearing in
> the investment summary without deleting all the
> investment's data?
> Thanks! 

glyn1 (1534)
9/11/2004 8:10:22 PM

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