change font size in 2006

How do I change the font size in Money 2006?
11/23/2009 1:47:43 AM
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You don't.

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> How do I change the font size in Money 2006?
> tia 

11/23/2009 3:00:00 AM
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>How do I change the font size in Money 2006?

The ways that are available are

1.  Buy a bigger monitor for your desktop computer.  You may find
that to be a stupid suggestion, but think about it.  You deserve it.
There are some reasonably priced 24 inch monitors with dots that are
a little larger.
The LCD is only going to help if it has bigger pixels. You would
want the 1920x1080 rather than 1920 x 1200 to get bigger dots. For
bigger pixels, you want fewer pixels in a given area.  To be
sharpest, the monitor should use a digital interface such as
DVI. Your video card would need to have support for that.

2.  Switch to a lower resolution if using a glass monitor.  i.e.,
if using 1280 by 1024, switch to 1024 by 768.  This is least
satisfactory IMHO.

3.  On a blank spot on the desktop, right click and choose 
Properties->Settings->Advanced in XP, and I think Vista, change the
DPI setting to a higher number. In Windows 7, that would be
ControlPanel->AppearanceAndPersonalization->Display. This will have
some downside too.  You will have to experiment, and change back if
you find the downside to outweigh the upside.

4.  This only works for the web-page-like pages: In IE,
11/23/2009 11:09:37 PM

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