Car loan = downpayment and monthly payments in essential bidget

car purchase price $18,000 
downpayment = $2,000
Car loan $16,000
Essential budget 
Car asset account "Chevy" set up ok
car loan citibank setup ok

1) what is correct category for check issued for downpayment? At present I 
have it as Transfer: Chevy, but on the Chevy account setttings I have to 
indicate purchase price as $16,000 (not the $18,000 it cost). Is that correct 
or should I indicate some other category for the downpayment?

2) Citibank loan setup ok, and each payment show up as category "Loan 
Payment : Chevy car loan", but I can't make this categgory appear in 
Essential budget so each payment is considered in my monthly budget.

what have I missed??
Bob4289 (354)
11/11/2007 10:04:00 PM
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"Bob" <> wrote in message
> but I can't make this categgory appear in Essential budget...
> what have I missed??

What you've missed is the frequent recommendations on this forum to 
ditch Essentials in favor of Deluxe. I doubt Essentials will do what 
you hope.
Chris Cowles
Gainesville, FL 

spam_magnet (1210)
11/12/2007 4:43:41 AM

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