Can't update quotes

I am having a problem updating internet quotes .  I use Money 98 Financial 
Suite.  When I attempt to update my quotes online all of my stocks come back 
as "The symbol "XXX" is invalid".  I realize that Money 98 is an old product, 
but the internet quotes should still update.
Lt.Dan (1)
12/13/2005 8:17:01 PM
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Don't count on that assertion. One by one it seems quotes downloads for
older versions are mysteriously breaking. Can't say for sure about M98--but
research posting history for newsgroup in advanced
groups search at for prior postings in the subject.

"Lt.Dan" <> wrote in message
> I am having a problem updating internet quotes .  I use Money 98 Financial
> Suite.  When I attempt to update my quotes online all of my stocks come
> as "The symbol "XXX" is invalid".  I realize that Money 98 is an old
> but the internet quotes should still update.

12/13/2005 10:01:09 PM
I have not been able to update quotes online since 2 days ago. I am
using Money 2004 Deluxe. Each time I click "update price online", it
eventually says "update complete", but in fact no downloading of
quotes took place at all. I just think at least the message in the
dialog box should be more accurate than this.
talismana (59)
12/14/2005 11:53:28 PM

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