Auto Reconcile Failures

Hello, I've been living with this problem for about a year.  It
started when I installed MSMoney 2004.  At the same time I turned on
the option to auto-reconcile.  I quickly figured out that
auto-reconcile really means never-balance-again.  So I immediately
turned it off.  Unfortunately, my online transactions always
auto-reconcile anyway.  The option is off and has stayed off, but all
online transactions continue to auto-reconcile.  MSMoney also has the
following problems:  When I first start to balance, the proposed
balancing date is way into the future.  I always have to set the date
back.  Then it complains about the starting balance.  Sometimes I let
MSMoney generate compensating transactions, two of them, for the same
amount, one debit and one credit.  Most often, I have to manually
correct *all* wrongly marked transactions from "reconciled" back to
"un-reconciled".  Then it all magically balances.  I have searched
this newsgroup and have found many many users with the same exact
problem, but no one seems to have a sure fix.  One fix that I will not
go for is to buy MSMoney 2005.  This will be the first time in many
years that I won't "auto" upgrade my MSMoney.  So, Microsoft, if
you're listening please suggest a solution.  Thanks.
joewasik (13)
7/25/2004 4:34:29 AM
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