$10,000 a week, as much as $40,000 a month or even up to $500,000 a year!

1) Though multi-level Marketing has been near and dear to many for more than 50 years, 95% of those who trusted it have failed. 

2) They failed because most people simply cannot close sales. Without closing they cannot recruit.

3) Without recruiting, duplication cannot happen. Even the 5% who CAN recruit cannot achieve their full potential without duplication.

4) None of the hype, recruiting systems, replicated websites, interruption marketing, sexy products, exotic compensation plans, training kits, books, tapes, seminars, conference calls, or "heavy hitters" have been able to change the 95% failure rate one iota.

5) Without replacing the things that people can't do, MLM is doomed to continue its 50 year pattern of failure. 

6) Exact Method Marketing, EMM, replaces the things that people can't do with easily duplicated, automated systems, creating an entirely NEW way. 

7) EMM eliminates recruiting by providing information to people who have ASKED for it and allowing them to recruit THEMSELVES. No hype, no pressure, no kidding. Just results.

Yes! The beauty of EMM is its simplicity. It is based on logic and common sense. 

Old-school multi-level marketing relies heavily on the sales ability of recruiters. Recruiters often close based on enthusiasm, excitement, promises, and the prospects' inability to "say no" when pressured. When this happens, the new recruit usually knows little, if anything, about the company, the products, the marketing plan or what to do next. 

After a few days or weeks the new recruit is questioning why he ever joined. By then his sponsor may have disappeared or moved on to another company and the recruit's failure is inevitable. 

EMM, by contrast, takes the recruiter out of the loop altogether and relies on the prospect's ability to make an informed decision. 

Since prospects ASK for the information, and can opt out at any time, there's no pressure. And since the information delivery process is automated, every prospect receives the exact same information, complete, accurate and in the proper sequence. 

If the prospect still has questions or does not fully understand something, the questions and answers are handled by email through the EMM company's support staff, not through the sponsor. This assures that the answers are accurate and not based on what the upline thinks the prospect WANTS to hear.

An Exact Method Marketing business gives you complete autonomy. This means that you can do the EMM processes on your own schedule. Since the Internet is available 24 hours a day from any online computer, you can choose to work at 2 PM or 3 AM, weekdays or weekends, from your home, your office or the beach. 

Just imagine. No three-way calls in the middle of the night, no attempting to match schedules with your prospects or sponsor, no expensive conference calls, no telephone tag, no boring meetings. If you are one of the 5% who has had some success with MLM, no more complaints that you haven't lived up to your promises from reps you've recruited. 

You can also remain completely anonymous, if you choose. Your prospects will be emailed on your behalf by the automated system using whatever name you provide. This can be your own or a company name or a "screen name". Only the company will have access to your personal identity information so that they can pay you!

If you are one of the 95% who have really tried to succeed with MLM, maybe even many times, imagine FINALLY finding an opportunity that lets YOU create success without having to rely on the closing skills of your upline!
EMM does not depend on the reputation or level of success of the person "cooking the fries". Who you are or what you have achieved in the past has no bearing on your success with EMM.

If McDonald's were to hire a famous French chef to make french fries using the McDonald's cooking system, his fries would taste exactly like Jack's or Susie's fries. A doctor, bank president, blue collar worker, or YOU, using the EMM processes, has an equal opportunity to sponsor ANYONE, since EVERYONE is using the same exact recipe!

To your MASSIVE success!


Nad Kost

Never stop learning! Knowledge is power when it is applied to ACTION! Put the power of EMM to work for you. Earn up to 10,000.00 a week! Just click the link above. Your success is WAITING!

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