Office2004 crashes in VBA

Hi All

I'm having a problem with my office 2004, it crashes when I forget to
make a space infront of a ( in the VB

Office force quits, and tells me that it will recover my data, but it
doesn't do so...

I'm not that experienced with the VB editor, but it seems ti me that
office should only give me a warning, and let me correct the mistake -
or is it supposed to quit?

Hope you can help me with a solution to this problem


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Hi Janus:

It's not supposed to quit.

I don't think the space is the problem.  Show me the whole code module and I
will have a better chance.


On 10/10/06 5:29 AM, in article,
"" <> wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm having a problem with my office 2004, it crashes when I forget to
> make a space infront of a ( in the VB
> editor.
> Office force quits, and tells me that it will recover my data, but it
> doesn't do so...
> I'm not that experienced with the VB editor, but it seems ti me that
> office should only give me a warning, and let me correct the mistake -
> or is it supposed to quit?
> Hope you can help me with a solution to this problem
> regards


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