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Does anyone think microsoft will put a database application like Access in 
office mac?
Glenn6116 (66)
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In article <>, Glenn
<> wrote:

> Does anyone think microsoft will put a database application like Access in 
> office mac?

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rag (68)
11/6/2007 10:48:05 PM
Hi Glen:


Where is the business case for it?

1)  There are any number of perfectly good "database" applications for the
Mac.  We don't need another.

Excel is available, and makes a very good flat-file database.  MySQL works
really well if you need SQL.

2)  Access is not *really* a "database".  Even though it is used for
quick-and-cheap databases (most corporations would be horrified to discover
just how many Access databases they have!) that's not its main purpose.

Its main purpose is to create really nice form-based applications in a
Windows/.NET world.  Often, those applications are then migrated to SQL
Server for production use.  SQL Server is a production-ready,
high-performance relational database.

The code built in Access forms the User Interface for the application.

Access doesn't build code that can be used on a Mac.  There are applications
that do: such as Filemaker Pro.

So:  No, I can't see a way for Microsoft to make money out of it, so I can't
see anyone in Microsoft going to the Board of Directors with a request for
the money to build it :-)


On 7/11/07 9:43 AM, in article, "Glenn"
<> wrote:

Does anyone think microsoft will put a database application like Access in
office mac?

Don't wait for your answer, click here:

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john7143 (1072)
11/7/2007 12:19:11 AM
Hi Glenn,

Office 2004 already is a relational database. Read this:

It's like Access in that it supports SQL and is a fully relational databse.

It is not Access, however.


Quoting from "Glenn" <>, in article, on [DATE:

> Does anyone think microsoft will put a database application like Access in
> office mac?

Jim Gordon

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goldkey74 (611)
11/10/2007 7:25:26 PM

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