Microsoft Office Mac 2008 Not Responding

I am having the worst luck with my brand new M.O.M. 2008 (both under
SP1 and SP2). Whenever I try to launch any of the apps, I get the
spinning pinwheel  and "application not responding" -- for about 90
seconds!  Then the application stabilizes and starts running.

I am on a MacPro tower running OS 10.5.7
  Model Identifier:	MacPro1,1
  Processor Name:	Dual-Core Intel Xeon
  Processor Speed:	2.66 GHz
  Number Of Processors:	2
  Total Number Of Cores:	4
  L2 Cache (per processor):	4 MB
  Memory:	5 GB
  Bus Speed:	1.33 GHz
  Boot ROM Version:	MP11.005D.B00
  SMC Version (system):	1.7f10
  Serial Number (system):	G8xxxxxxxxx

This is very frustrating that after 26 years Microsoft can't even make
a program that will run without crashing or even starting. But at
least they got my $300.
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Why are you so quick to blame Office? Thousands of us have the same setup without a problem.

The first thing I would do with those symptoms would be to use Disk Utility and verify disk and repair permissions. Next, make certain that you don't have a bad memory module. If you bought Apple Care, use the TechTool disk to check this.

You say this is a brand new machine. Get Apple Tech Support involved. There is no reason why Office 2008 shouldn't run on your Mac.
7/24/2009 7:21:24 AM
On 7/21/09 5:03 PM, in article, "Jeff"
<> wrote:

> Whenever I try to launch any of the apps, I get the
> spinning pinwheel  and "application not responding" -- for about 90
> seconds! 

See this link for solutions for Office 2008 slow to open:



7/25/2009 2:40:53 AM

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