How to import custom toolbars from Office X to 2004?

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How can I import  custom toolbars from Excel 10 to Excel 11 � same in
PowerPoint. Renaming preference files � toolbars (10) �> �toolbars (11)
won�t work.
Thanks from Munich
Wolfram Fuchs

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<TITLE>How to import custom toolbars from Office X to 2004?</TITLE>
<FONT FACE=3D"L Frutiger Light"><SPAN STYLE=3D'font-size:12.0px'>How can I impo=
rt &nbsp;custom toolbars from Excel 10 to Excel 11 &#8211; same in PowerPoin=
t. Renaming preference files &#8230; toolbars (10) &#8211;&gt; &#8230;toolba=
rs (11) won&#8217;t work.<BR>
Thanks from Munich<BR>
Wolfram Fuchs</SPAN></FONT>


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In article <>, Wolfram Fuchs <> 

> How can I import  custom toolbars from Excel 10 to Excel 11 � same in
> PowerPoint. Renaming preference files � toolbars (10) �> �toolbars (11)
> won�t work.

See one answer (for XL) in reply to your post in m.p.m.o.excel
jemcgimpsey (6723)
6/6/2004 1:34:19 PM

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