Font problem with Office 2004 for mac

I have Tiger, whenever I try to Launch any Office program, as the the
menu loads to 'optimizing font menu performance'  It pops up with 'The
font "  "  has been corrupted and should be removed'.  It does this
with MANY fonts, many of which I don't even have in my font folder.  It
does this every time during the program start, and most times even if I
go through clicking ok 40-60 times it will sometimes freeze up anyway.
Anyway to fix, get around this problem?  Please email me at

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this problem affects quite a few users, and there's no guaranteed remedy for
it. Try the suggestions mentioned on this website:


On 28.08.06 16:46, in article, "Silent Strife"
<> wrote:

> I have Tiger, whenever I try to Launch any Office program, as the the
> menu loads to 'optimizing font menu performance'  It pops up with 'The
> font "  "  has been corrupted and should be removed'.  It does this
> with MANY fonts, many of which I don't even have in my font folder.  It
> does this every time during the program start, and most times even if I
> go through clicking ok 40-60 times it will sometimes freeze up anyway.
> Anyway to fix, get around this problem?  Please email me at

Michel Bintener
Microsoft MVP
Office:Mac (Entourage & Word)

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m.bintener1 (110)
8/28/2006 4:59:16 PM

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