Data Merge into a table in Word


How do I get my data records(from Excel) to merge into a table in 
consecutive row format, so that each record does not start on a new a new table

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I'm by no means an expert, but for freeform merging (i.e., not envelopes,
labels, or form letters), I think you need to tell the Data Merge Manager
than you are creating a catalog.

By consecutive row format, do you mean an entry in the first cell of each
row?  I think Word basically takes what you give it and duplicates it for
each record.  I just managed to do that, so perhaps you had typed some
enters after the table you set up.  I started with a one-row table.

If you mean you want Word to fill your entire table with data, I suspect
that you will have to enter the merge fields yourself multiple times within
the table.  For a parallel, look at the creation of Labels, where Word
inserts the merge fields into *each* label. Note also that each set of
fields begins with the Next Record field--yours needs to as well. If you set
up the first cell of your table with the proper fields, then copy and paste
the fields into each cell, that should work.

Hope that helps, DM

"Stephanie Campbell" wrote:

> Hi!
> Help!
> How do I get my data records(from Excel) to merge into a table in
> consecutive row format, so that each record does not start on a new
> a new table

4/15/2004 1:00:37 AM

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