2004 Spelling tool does not add words to custom dictionary

Office 2004's spelling tool has stopped adding words to the custom
dictionary.  The "Add" button is grayed out.

Otherwise, the spelling tool and my custom dictionary work fine in the
several programs of Office 2004.

Your counsel, please?

Respectfully, Norm

nnager1050 (113)
2/16/2005 8:00:36 PM
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Problem solved.  The alias to my custom dictionary  apparently became
corrupted or broken when I ran a cache cleaner.   A new alias fixed it.

On 2/16/05 12:00 PM, in article
BE38E664.9777%nnager@vnoxsxpxaxmv.fullerton.edu, "Norman R. Nager, Ph.D."
<nnager@vnoxsxpxaxmv.fullerton.edu> wrote:

> Office 2004's spelling tool has stopped adding words to the custom
> dictionary.  The "Add" button is grayed out.
> Otherwise, the spelling tool and my custom dictionary work fine in the
> several programs of Office 2004.
> Your counsel, please?
> Respectfully, Norm

nnager1050 (113)
2/16/2005 8:22:00 PM

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