Uses for Autotext Cleanup

Version: 2004
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
Processor: Intel
Email Client: Exchange

Hello, <br><br>I'm still very new to Entourage and I'm looking for some tangible reasons to use the Autotext Cleanup in 2004. Do people really use it? <br><br>I would like to pass these examples on to staff. <br><br>Thanks for your help
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> I'm still very new to Entourage and I'm looking for some tangible 
> reasons to use the Autotext Cleanup in 2004. Do people really use it?
> I would like to pass these examples on to staff.

I use it fairly often to rewrap oddly truncated paragraphs as well as to 
clean up text that I'm quoting from someone else. Quite often, I want to 
pass along the gist of a message, which has several contributors. 
Rewrapping the text and then cleaning up the quoting helps to make 
things easier to read.

Hope this helps!



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