minor problem with explorer 8.

I recently installed explorer 8. I personally use explorer all these years 
and besides of some frequent crashes, I have no other problem with it.
But I figured out something in the new explorer that can change in my opinion.
In the old explorer you couldnt delete a link from your adress bar. With the 
new one there is the "x" button and by pressing it you can instantly delete 
any link from the adress bar. I think that is something that the browser 
needed to have but theres a minor problem with it. I cant post a screen to 
show you exactly but I hope you understand me. So here how it is:
-When you press ur button to pop down the adress bar your mouse goes 
instantly near the "x" button to erase the link-adress. And then u have to 
move it some inches away before pressing it in order to move to that site, 
otherwise you can delete your link from the adress bar!
(ofcourse you can retype it, its no big deal, but I think the "x" needs to 
move in front of the links or elsewhere)
Its not of big importance but for example, the first 2 days I used to 
accidentaly do it on the "facebook" link and I thought to myself why only 
with facebook? :/
But now I discovered that I accidentally pressed the "delete-x" button :)
well thats it, thank you
P. Rodopoulos

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12/27/2009 9:00:01 PM
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just move the mouse to the left before you click on the url in the address box
12/27/2009 9:15:01 PM

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