IE8 Hangs When Opening Content in New Tab

Running XP Home SP3

This just started happening. When I'm on a web site and I click on a 
hyperlink which is supposed to then open a link on a new tab, the new tab 
opens but it says it's connecting but nothing happens. The program then 
freezes and stops responding. I have to forcefully close the browser. 
Previously when I visited these sites all went well. So something has 
happened in the last few days. I've done nothing to change the IE settings 
nor have I added new software. The Not Responding window has the following 
data in it:

Error signature:
Appl name: iexplore.exe
App ver.: 8.0.6001.18702
Modname: hungapp
Mod ver:
Offset: 00000000

Tech Info:
c:docume~ 1\ken\local\temp\WER621a.dir00\iexplore.exe.mdmp
"      "                "                   "                  " 

I would appreciate any help on resolving this issue, however I would prefer 
not to reset all settings to default as I made no changes to settings either 
before or after this problem started. All worked well at these sites as far 
back as a few days ago. Thanks.

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- Sir Winston Churchill 

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12/19/2009 1:11:11 AM
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