Collecting multiple feeds


I am subscribed to about 30 radio podcast feeds.  When I refresh them on any 
given day, there will be five or six that refresh, and on Friday, there are 
about twelve.
For each one, I click the URL in the feed, which opens the site for that 
radio program.  Then I right-click the link to the podcast and select Save 
Target As...
As it all goes onto the same directory on an MP3 player, I don't have to 
select it each time, but when the download frame comes up, I have to click 
the Save button.

As most of these programs come from the BBC site, which only allows two 
simultaneous downloads, I get two downloads going, then I have to wait till 
one of them finishes before I can start another one.

Is there any sort of service in which I could simply select all the feeds I 
want to download, then simply click one button and have it all happen 

Many thanks,


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12/11/2009 1:01:53 AM
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