What table are Credit Memos stored on?

On what table can Credit Memos be found? I've been looking everywhere, and I 
can't find them for some reason...


2/6/2009 12:55:03 AM
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Are you using SOP?  It would be SOP10100/10200 for open and SOP30200/30300 
for historical

For RM credit memos. Look for the invoice work, open, and historical tables.
Richard L. Whaley
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"Jeremy Harrington" wrote:

> On what table can Credit Memos be found? I've been looking everywhere, and I 
> can't find them for some reason...
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
info4071 (3004)
2/6/2009 2:31:01 AM

Credit Memos are just a type of transaction and are typically stored in the 
same place as other transactions - there is no separate table that only 
holds credit memos in any module I can think of.  Depending on what module 
you're talking about and whether you're looking for work, open or historical 
credit memos they may be in different tables.  This might help:

Payables tables: http://victoriayudin.com/gp-reports/pm-tables/
Receivables tables: http://victoriayudin.com/gp-reports/rm-tables/

So, for example, a receivables credit memo that is OPEN would be in RM20101 
with RMDTYPAL = 7.  And a historical payables credit memo would be in 
PM30200 with a DOCTYPE = 5.

Hope that helps.

Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP
Flexible Solutions - home of GP Reports
blog: www.victoriayudin.com

"Jeremy Harrington" <JeremyHarrington@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in 
message news:D9B31A0B-8FA0-46B3-B7C1-E7B3CCA5AA61@microsoft.com...
> On what table can Credit Memos be found? I've been looking everywhere, and 
> I
> can't find them for some reason...
> Thanks,
> Jeremy 

victoria (3340)
2/6/2009 11:21:38 AM

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