W-2s across state lines


If an employee say works in Virginia but lives in North Carolina, how does 
Great Plains print the proper W-2 forms with the proper amounts per the two 


12/17/2005 9:13:02 PM
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Assuming the person who set up the employee and the person who enters payroll 
transactions has properly identified NC with that employee, then the system 
should automatically print any wages withheld for that state on the W2. 
Charles Allen, MVP

"childothe1980s" wrote:

> Hello:
> If an employee say works in Virginia but lives in North Carolina, how does 
> Great Plains print the proper W-2 forms with the proper amounts per the two 
> states?
> Thanks!
> childofthe1980s
callen (2505)
12/18/2005 11:59:01 PM

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