VBA to default printer in Crystal Report

is it possible to set default the printer for crystal report to be the same 
as the printer setup in GP (Files>Print Setup)?

eg: is GP is using Printer1, then when calling a crystal report using VBA, 
the printer will be set to Printer1. If GP is using Printer2, then crystal 
report will be defaulted to Printer2.

thks in advance.

HFLo (288)
2/7/2007 4:59:00 PM
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Unfortunately that isn't going to work for a couple reason:

1. The biggest reason is there isn't any way to determine what the printer 
is in Dynamics.  Not even with Dexterity.  It just wasn't something that was 
exposed.  So I can't think of any possible way you are going to get this 

2. Saying that you somehow work around that issue (or just hardcoding a few 
names or something), the other issue is that for Crystal Reports you need 
the Printer Name and for some reason the Driver.  I seem to recall beating 
my head against that a while back.  I know that VB6 and probably VB.Net/C# 
both provide a "Printer" class that you can enumerate the printers with and 
get this information. But VBA (not just Dynamics but all VBA since vba is 
vba in any app) doesn't have that Printer module defined (or Screen or ....) 
as it's just a subset of VB6 really.  So you're kinda stuck there as well.

You might be able to do a few tricks by writing some code outside of VBA 
(like vb6 to wrap a COM class to enumerate the printers) but I don't see how 
you can get around the "current" printer issue.

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"HFLo" <HFLo@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> is it possible to set default the printer for crystal report to be the 
> same
> as the printer setup in GP (Files>Print Setup)?
> eg: is GP is using Printer1, then when calling a crystal report using VBA,
> the printer will be set to Printer1. If GP is using Printer2, then crystal
> report will be defaulted to Printer2.
> thks in advance.

prot1 (1345)
2/10/2007 2:47:33 AM

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