User Security Report shows accessible items as non-a


Tech Knowledge 37004 details a problem with User Security 
Report. It is not scheduled for a fix. I am able to fix 
the window security by individually checking off the 
problem windows and then selecting MARK ALL. I have not 
tested this at a Class level yet and also have been 
unable to get it to work for Integration Manager file 

My questions:
1) Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue, 
perhaps at the Report Writer level.
2) Why does sa not have access the the Alternate Great 
Plains Windows and Reports? What is the difference in 
these windows/reports?

8/19/2004 7:25:06 PM
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Try installing Adanced Security if you are on version 7.0 
or 7.5 and check the reports in there along with the 
export/import function which uses xml

>-----Original Message-----
>Tech Knowledge 37004 details a problem with User 
>Report. It is not scheduled for a fix. I am able to fix 
>the window security by individually checking off the 
>problem windows and then selecting MARK ALL. I have not 
>tested this at a Class level yet and also have been 
>unable to get it to work for Integration Manager file 
>My questions:
>1) Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue, 
>perhaps at the Report Writer level.
>2) Why does sa not have access the the Alternate Great 
>Plains Windows and Reports? What is the difference in 
>these windows/reports?
anonymous (74722)
8/19/2004 7:56:52 PM

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