Use of Paid Transaction Removal - Checks


I was wondering if anyone can tell me the reason a person would use the Paid 
Transaction Removal Screen and select only checks and then a date.  When I 
did this in a test environment, it removed all checks before that date.  
Wouldn't it make more sense to provide a range, so as to not remove so many 
checks going backwards?  Or am I using this tool wrong?  Also, what are the 
ramifications of using this tool, account balancing wise?

6/27/2007 8:12:02 PM
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The Paid Transaction Removal process simply moves transactions from the OPEN 
status and tables to HIST (Historical) status and tables.  Benefits: less 
transactions in the open tables speeds up AR transactions like cash 
receipts, voids, etc.  Negatives: once an AR transaction is in History, 
there is no way to unapply it or void it.  (There is a tool to accomplish 
this, but that's an additional purchase.)  Accounting-wise, there are 
absolutely no ramifications to using this process.  The only thing you 
should make sure of before running it is that you are keeping transaction 
history for all AR transactions (which, IMHO, everyone should be).  And you 
should not be limiting this to checks, you should be running this on all 
transactions.  It's the cut off dates that are critical - that will depend 
on the nature of your business and how often you have to 

Hope that helps.

Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP
Flexible Solutions, Inc.

"Josh Kandiko" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone can tell me the reason a person would use the 
> Paid
> Transaction Removal Screen and select only checks and then a date.  When I
> did this in a test environment, it removed all checks before that date.
> Wouldn't it make more sense to provide a range, so as to not remove so 
> many
> checks going backwards?  Or am I using this tool wrong?  Also, what are 
> the
> ramifications of using this tool, account balancing wise?
> Thanks
> JOsh 

victoria (3340)
6/28/2007 2:15:16 PM

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