Unable to llaunch FRx

Something on our server hosed FRx between yesterday and today.  When users 
try to  launch FRx Report designer from the Start menu, the FRx splash screen 
flashes for a second then disappears.  There is no error message and no entry 
in the SQL Error logs or the NT event logs.  

I can open Report Launcher, but only the FW (Fabricam) and FWC (Fabricam 
Canada) reports show up.

This was working fine yesterday.  I reran the FRx index scripts but that did 
not resolve it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

8/28/2010 1:41:03 AM
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Maybe the program is corrupted...perhaps a reinstall. But back up your frx 
reports first or they might get wiped out. 

"Jim" wrote:

> Something on our server hosed FRx between yesterday and today.  When users 
> try to  launch FRx Report designer from the Start menu, the FRx splash screen 
> flashes for a second then disappears.  There is no error message and no entry 
> in the SQL Error logs or the NT event logs.  
> I can open Report Launcher, but only the FW (Fabricam) and FWC (Fabricam 
> Canada) reports show up.
> This was working fine yesterday.  I reran the FRx index scripts but that did 
> not resolve it.
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Jim
9/2/2010 7:43:03 PM

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