Transaction is being edited

We get the message a lot in Great Plains (and we understand why)  What I 
don't understand if if you search for the above message in TechKNowledge you 
get no responses.

I have a PO that we get the above message on and no on is actually editing 
this PO.  I need to somehow correct this so we can edit the PO.  I have 
looked in the Dex_lock and Dex_session tables and do not see anything that 
refers to the purchase order.

Does someone know how to correct a PO that is being edited but is not really 
being edited?

Doug4515 (774)
2/23/2006 8:32:33 PM
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I remember getting this error a lot in previous versions of GP ( and seeing 
your posting I was able to recreate it in version 8.0 quickly).

The error comes about if a record gets stuck in the SY00801 table ( Note: 
NOT the SY00800 table). 

To recreate it: Open the PO window, create a PO. Before you close and save 
the document, OPen SQL E.Manager and copy the row record from SY00801 to 
clipboard. In GP save the record. Go Back to E.Manager and re-populate the 
row record with the same info (simulating that the record was not deleted 
from the table) Try to open the PO and it will give you the error message 
'transaction is being edited'.

If my meomory serves me, I saw this a lot when dealing with Adv POP and once 
a customization was written in POP. Check for any third partys that are PO 
related in the set file.

My 2 cents.

"Doug" wrote:

> We get the message a lot in Great Plains (and we understand why)  What I 
> don't understand if if you search for the above message in TechKNowledge you 
> get no responses.
> I have a PO that we get the above message on and no on is actually editing 
> this PO.  I need to somehow correct this so we can edit the PO.  I have 
> looked in the Dex_lock and Dex_session tables and do not see anything that 
> refers to the purchase order.
> Does someone know how to correct a PO that is being edited but is not really 
> being edited?
> -- 
> Doug
KevinMaina (27)
2/23/2006 9:22:27 PM

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