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I am trying to change the documents: portion with a go to on the window
"Purchase Order Processing Document Inquiry"

LC (10)
11/20/2008 4:14:04 PM
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Take a look at my response to this post. However, this was not entirely tested.

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"lc" wrote:

> I am trying to change the documents: portion with a go to on the window
> "Purchase Order Processing Document Inquiry"
MarianoGomez (3440)
11/20/2008 5:35:01 PM

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Hello all, I need to remove some external email addresses from our global address list in exchange server 2003 and I am having trouble finding where they are stored. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Rhea All addresses are store as attributes of users objects in Active Directory. Address list is actually nothing but a result of a query. To remove addresses, you need to open user object in AD Users and Computers MMC and remove them from there. Hope I understood you properly, Regards, Boris "Rhea" <> wrote in message news:989B3DE4-59B1-46A7-AE4D...

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