Sales/Purchases Tax Master (TX00201) table

Dynamics GP 9.0

There are two user defined fields (TXUSRDF1 and TXUSRDF2) in the 
Sales/Purchases Tax Master (TX00201) table but I can not find a screen that 
gives access to these. Can someone point me in the right direction?
ToddR1 (37)
5/9/2007 7:44:01 PM
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I see those fields in the TX00201 table but they do not appear on the window 
by default when you go into Tools>Setup>Company>Tax Details.  

I was able to go into modifier and add those two fields to the window and 
when I added them to the window and made them editable I was able to get them 
on the window and type in a value for both of them.  When I hit SAVE my 
records were written to the table.  

It appears you would have to add those fields in modifier first and then you 
can start writing values to those two particular fields.  

Of course when you change the window in modifier you will also have to go 
into security and grant access to the modified window for whatever users you 
want to have access to those two new fields you added with modifier.

Hope that helps some,


"ToddR" wrote:

> Dynamics GP 9.0
> There are two user defined fields (TXUSRDF1 and TXUSRDF2) in the 
> Sales/Purchases Tax Master (TX00201) table but I can not find a screen that 
> gives access to these. Can someone point me in the right direction?
> -- 
> ToddR
jg (155)
5/9/2007 8:23:02 PM

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