Sales by Vendor / customers / product report

Dear friends,

We are using GP ver 8.0, i could not find any report that gives  sales by 
vendor / sales by cusomers / sales by product.

Could you please help on this. 


KShathali (2)
3/8/2008 1:39:01 PM
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There is no standard report of that type. For the vendor, do you want the 
primary vendor or the vendor from whom you purchased the item you are 
selling? If you want the latter the level of complexity is much higher 
because of the tables involved. 

The Sales Line Items smartlist can give you sales by customer and item. The 
primary vendor may be available to add to the smartlist. If you want the 
vendor from whom you purchased the product, you will have to create a report 
using the report writer of your choice. 
Charles Allen, MVP

"K.Shathali" wrote:

> Dear friends,
> We are using GP ver 8.0, i could not find any report that gives  sales by 
> vendor / sales by cusomers / sales by product.
> Could you please help on this. 
> Thanks 
callen (2505)
3/8/2008 11:51:00 PM

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