Records backing out of Econnect Update 7.5.02

I have seen other posts and am curious as to what causes inserts in a
transaction mode to back out.

When it works every time. If I start the project in Visual Studio and
run the web page. In order to get another transaction in sucessfully, I
have to close Visual Studio, change the XML and restart and run the web

I see it work here and there when I run it in a standalone web
enviroment. There are never any errors when the transaction backs out.

When it backs can see the Vendor ID temporarily in GP until
it completely backs out.

The code uses the econnect75.dll and the following code.

        Dim abc As New ExecProcsXML.ExecStoredProcedure75
        bwork = abc.ExecStoredProc(gString, "Data
Source=Econnectpgm;Initial Catalog=TLI;User Id=sa;Password=password;",
errorstate, errorstring, outmessage)

The XML file is as follows:

<!-- Create Vendor Record -->
<eConnect xmlns:dt="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes">
			<VENDNAME>The gxyz19 ing Company</VENDNAME>
			<VNDCHKNM>The gxyz19 ing Company</VNDCHKNM>
			<VNDCNTCT>David gxyz19</VNDCNTCT>
			<ADDRESS1>One Rose Creek Dr.</ADDRESS1>
			<COMMENT1>Main Supplier</COMMENT1>
			<USERDEF1>UserDefined One</USERDEF1>
			<USERDEF2>UserDefined Two</USERDEF2>
			<PYMTRMID>Net 30 days</PYMTRMID>

I appreciate any feedback on how I am trying to integrate with

pboor (4)
2/7/2005 9:55:38 PM
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