Problem bringing up Group Policy on Domain Controller

I loaded the Group Policy snap in on my xp machine and got the following 
error on my Server 2000 domain controller:

"The following entry in the [strings] section is too long and has been 
truncated"  error message when you try to modify or to view GPOs in Windows 
server 2003, Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000.

This is a well-documented and there is a hot fix.  After I applied the hot 
fix the error was gone, but I still cannot access some group policies.  Why 
and what can I do.  My boss likes to work ar the server console and he cannot 
do that and is furious.
Linda (109)
3/6/2008 7:27:06 PM
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Charles Allen, MVP

"Linda" wrote:

> I loaded the Group Policy snap in on my xp machine and got the following 
> error on my Server 2000 domain controller:
> "The following entry in the [strings] section is too long and has been 
> truncated"  error message when you try to modify or to view GPOs in Windows 
> server 2003, Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000.
> This is a well-documented and there is a hot fix.  After I applied the hot 
> fix the error was gone, but I still cannot access some group policies.  Why 
> and what can I do.  My boss likes to work ar the server console and he cannot 
> do that and is furious.
callen (2505)
3/7/2008 5:18:02 AM

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