Printing only >60 day statements

Going to 'Routines | Sales | Statements' is there an easy way to print 
*only* >60 days? The only option I find is Past Due which is not what we 
are looking for.


Roy Sinnamond
look7546 (4)
10/17/2005 9:04:34 PM
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The only way I can think is to either use Report Modifier, modify the report 
and use VBA to access and print field on the report or use Crystal Report.

In any case; the RM_Open (RM20101) holds the aging period (AGNGBUKT). 
AGNGBUKT>2 is >60 days past due amount.

"Roy Sinnamond" wrote:

> Going to 'Routines | Sales | Statements' is there an easy way to print 
> *only* >60 days? The only option I find is Past Due which is not what we 
> are looking for.
> -- 
> Roy Sinnamond
Shariq (273)
10/17/2005 10:28:01 PM

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