Print SOP docs by customer ID

Does anyone know if there's a way to print a batch of SOP invoices (open 
and/or historic) by customer ID and document date?  The Print Sales Document 
window gives me the date range option, but not the customer option.  

Our invoices are currently from Report Writer.


Bbehen (13)
9/23/2009 4:26:01 PM
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You may sort them by Document Type/Customer Number option but there is
no way to restrict them for a specific customer id that I know of -
you may have to write something custom. Hope this helps.

On Sep 23, 11:26=A0am, Bbehen <> wrote:
> Does anyone know if there's a way to print a batch of SOP invoices (open
> and/or historic) by customer ID and document date? =A0The Print Sales Doc=
> window gives me the date range option, but not the customer option. =A0
> Our invoices are currently from Report Writer.
> Thanks,
> Barbara

rutvijrshah (142)
9/23/2009 6:13:45 PM

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