Partial quantity cancel in Contract Administration

We're looking for a way to cancel only some of the quantity of a line item in 
the Field Service Contract Administration module.

For example:
Item A   Qty 10
Was invoiced as qty 10
Customer calls and says I only have 8 please cancel 2.

Right now we have to cancel all 10 and then rebill them on a separate 
contract for 8.  It's VERY time consuming.

Is there a way to do this through the normal cancel process of a contract?
8/13/2008 8:52:00 PM
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I guess NOT. 

The standard Cancellation Procedure is designed in such a way. And even the 
standard process will cancel the remaining "Amount to be Invoiced" and 
nothing to do with Line Quantity.

So this is not possible without a Customization.


"Laura Voorheis" wrote:

> We're looking for a way to cancel only some of the quantity of a line item in 
> the Field Service Contract Administration module.
> For example:
> Item A   Qty 10
> Was invoiced as qty 10
> Customer calls and says I only have 8 please cancel 2.
> Right now we have to cancel all 10 and then rebill them on a separate 
> contract for 8.  It's VERY time consuming.
> Is there a way to do this through the normal cancel process of a contract?
Vaidy (155)
8/14/2008 8:36:01 AM

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