Need to find the table

I do get some odd requests for great plains. My latest requires me to track 
down a table.

The one i need is for one of the forms that shows in the smart list. I need 
the one under account transactions and is called Output VAT Nominal. I need 
to know what table/s supply this form.

Even better would be if it was possible to access the hard coding of this 
form. I looked for it and found nothing.

We run great plains version 8 should it help.

well, thankyou all kindly in advance.
Saltious (4)
1/31/2007 5:20:01 PM
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Tools>Resource Descriptions is always a good place to start.

"Saltious" wrote:

> I do get some odd requests for great plains. My latest requires me to track 
> down a table.
> The one i need is for one of the forms that shows in the smart list. I need 
> the one under account transactions and is called Output VAT Nominal. I need 
> to know what table/s supply this form.
> Even better would be if it was possible to access the hard coding of this 
> form. I looked for it and found nothing.
> We run great plains version 8 should it help.
> well, thankyou all kindly in advance.
AndreaSmiley (210)
1/31/2007 7:19:01 PM

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