masking IDs

I have developed a small add-on for Great Plains v8 that would setup a Mask 
for Customer, Vendor and Item ID
It is a fairly flexible system - You can
- define a single or multiple segment mask,
- each segment can be fixed width or variable width
- the segment can be Alpha only, Numeric only or AlphaNumeric.
- define valid values - such as 'AA, 'AB'
- does not allow you to et up a mask that is greater that the ID Length.
- Does not afect IDs already in use

I find this is quite valuable in enforcing ID lengths so that all IDs fall 
into a specific pattern.
A beta should be available soon and I have thought of either distributing it 
as a feebie or sell it for a small-one time fee.

I would have liked to have a Class-specific ID - for example, All Inventory 
Items belonging to CLassId "XX" must use a specific mask.   For this to work 
right, the user must first enter a ClassId, then the Master ID, which is not 
how GP is setup.
While it is quite easy to modify the maintenence screen to first get the 
classid, the problem comes when the user adds an ID on the fly - for example 
adding a customerId in SOP or RM transaction Entry.

Would anybody be interested in this masking utility?
Would a class-specific ID be useful?

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.


HSalim (1270)
9/16/2005 9:35:25 PM
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