Landed Costs Reporting

My company wants to start using the landed cost functionality in GP.  But one 
thing that we cannot seem to resolve are the reporting capabilites of GP in 
regards to landed costs.  We want these costs to be added to inventory (hence 
our desire to use landed costs), but we still want to know the breakdown of 
our cost of sales when the items are sold.  Are you able to break out the 
components of the cost of sales (original product cost, duty, freight, etc)?  
Or are the details lost once the landed costs added to inventory?

Evan (16)
9/27/2007 9:48:00 PM
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The details are indeed lost as the total landed cost of the item becomes the 
basis for cost of the item (depending on the valuation method) as a single 
value.  This total cost basis is moved to Cost of Goods Sold as a single 

However, as landed costs are absorbed into inventory, you can capture the 
amounts absorbed and, with a bit of analysis......

Richard L. Whaley
Author / Consultant / MVP
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"Evan" wrote:

> My company wants to start using the landed cost functionality in GP.  But one 
> thing that we cannot seem to resolve are the reporting capabilites of GP in 
> regards to landed costs.  We want these costs to be added to inventory (hence 
> our desire to use landed costs), but we still want to know the breakdown of 
> our cost of sales when the items are sold.  Are you able to break out the 
> components of the cost of sales (original product cost, duty, freight, etc)?  
> Or are the details lost once the landed costs added to inventory?
> Thanks
info4071 (3005)
9/28/2007 12:01:01 AM

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