Item Allocation Inquiry - Field Service module

Dynamics enables you to allocate inventory on the Parts Information window of 
Depot Management (part of Field Service). After I have included parts in the 
Parts Information window, when I then go to the Item Quantities Maintenance 
screen, I can see that these parts have been added to the Allocated 
quantities. When I double-click on the Allocated label on the Item Quantities 
Maintenance window, the Item Allocation Inquiry window opens. However, I do 
not see the allocations made by Depot Management, I assume, because it is has 
not been selected in the Module Restrictions box . It has not been selected 
because I cannot figure out how it get this option added so the module is 
available for selection.

I have been unable to fing any information as to how to add modules to this 
box in either KnowledgeBase or in postings in the newsgroup.

Can Depot Management be added to be available for selection? If so, how or 
where can I look to find infomration about doing this? If it cannot be added, 
how can I find out by what Depot Management work orders my invneotyr items 
are allocated?

Thank you for any assisnatce that you can provide.
DonJohnson (126)
10/4/2007 5:16:00 PM
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Hi Don.

Thank you for using Newsgroups.

I do apologize for the delay in this reply.

At this time, none of the Field Service Modules are designed to appear in 
the Module Restriction box.

I do believe that this has been entered as a Product Suggestion - however 
at this time, there are no plans to add them.

If you run a select statement on your SVC06101 where ATYALLOC <> 0, you 
should be able to see what documents are allocated.

Currently, there are no means through the application to view this 

I do hope this answers your question.

Thank you

Dean Marty
Microsoft Online Support Engineer


Please note that the newsgroups are staffed weekdays with a

goal to provide ONE BUSINESS DAY RESPONSE to all posts.

If this response time does not meet your needs, 

please contact CSS for more immediate assistance:;EN-US;OfferProPhone#faq607
dmarty (19)
10/18/2007 7:00:44 PM

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