HELP - SDK Problem

Our IT person is getting an error message when clicking on a table in the 
PDF files of the ERD after installing the SDK.

The message states that "the plug-in required  by this 'LGWX_Annotation' 
action is not available.  Information about the missing plug-in may be 
available on Adobe's website."

Does anyone know where a version of this plug-in that will work with Acrobat 
6.0 Standard might be located? I tried the one from this location but it does 
not work.

Any input would be appreciated because he is stuck.



BK (201)
6/14/2006 1:08:01 PM
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Can someone please help me with this?  i thought I am guaranteed an answer 
with in 2 business days.  

I would appreciate any assistance on this matter.


"BK" wrote:

> Our IT person is getting an error message when clicking on a table in the 
> PDF files of the ERD after installing the SDK.
> The message states that "the plug-in required  by this 'LGWX_Annotation' 
> action is not available.  Information about the missing plug-in may be 
> available on Adobe's website."
> Does anyone know where a version of this plug-in that will work with Acrobat 
> 6.0 Standard might be located? I tried the one from this location but it does 
> not work.
> Any input would be appreciated because he is stuck.
> Thanks
> Barb 
BK (201)
6/16/2006 4:10:02 PM

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