Emailing invoices

I'm on vr 9.  Is there the option of emailing invoices to clients?  If so, 
where is it at?

5/4/2010 9:27:01 PM
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Merle wrote:
> I'm on vr 9.  Is there the option of emailing invoices to clients?  If so,
> where is it at?
> Thanks
Dynamics GP offers different options when it comes to output an actual 
report in GP : either TXT format, HTML, CSV or TAB delimited... but none 
of them offer a formatted output (i.e. brut text, no alignment)
Your best choice is to go with the traditional PDF format which can be 
achieved quite easily by installing one of many free PDF printer tools 
(Cute PDF, PDF Creator, etc..). Set the PDF print queue as your default 
printer or manage the output format for specific reports in the 'managed 
printers' of Great Plains.
Once the report saved on file, just e-mail them and they will look as 
good as if they were printed and you save paper (and the world) at the 
same time :-)
The next version of GP 2010 will allow printout and direct e-mailing of 
many reports (not all) through Word 2010 by using templates. For more 
informations, go to the Customer Source web site.

Hope this helps,
Have a great time

B. Bucher
Dynamics GP 10 Sr. Sys Admin
5/5/2010 4:23:33 PM

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