eConnect Help #2

I have installed eConnect on my laptop (XP SP2) and am trying to integrate 
into a local GP install.

I've set up a DTS task that puts the xml file into the econnect_incoming80 
queue. The DTS runs successfully, but nothing gets through to GP. The event 
log shows 2 errors :
System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot find a formatter capable of reading 
this message.
   at System.Messaging.Message.get_Body()
   at eConnect_Incoming.Send_To_Deadletter(MessageQueue q, Message m, 
Exception Exp)

eConnect Incoming Service Version=
Message Label:Data File Message
System.InvalidOperationException: Target type array is missing. The target 
type array must be set in order to deserialize the XML-formatted message.
   at System.Messaging.XmlMessageFormatter.CreateTargetSerializerTable()
   at System.Messaging.XmlMessageFormatter.CanRead(Message message)
   at eConnect_Incoming.MyReceiveCompleted(Object source, 
ReceiveCompletedEventArgs asyncResult)

Can anybody help, I'll be more than happy to answer any more questions about 
setups etc that I have done
GavinSH (6)
10/20/2006 11:14:02 AM
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