database compatibility SQL Server 2005

I am moving everything to a new MS Windows Server 2008 box with SQL Server 
2008. If you restore a database that was installed on the computer that is 
running SQL Server 2005 and if you are moving the database to a computer that 
is running SQL Server 2008, do you have to update the database compatibility 
level for each database after the restore? 
3/17/2010 6:40:07 PM
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No, but you should if you want to take full advantage of all of SQL Server 
2008 features..

Best regards,
Mariano Gomez, MIS, MCP, PMP
Maximum Global Business, LLC
The Dynamics GP Blogster at

"tstrop" wrote:

> I am moving everything to a new MS Windows Server 2008 box with SQL Server 
> 2008. If you restore a database that was installed on the computer that is 
> running SQL Server 2005 and if you are moving the database to a computer that 
> is running SQL Server 2008, do you have to update the database compatibility 
> level for each database after the restore? 
3/17/2010 11:59:02 PM
KB article 878449 addresses moving to a new SQL server and includes the  step 
to update the compatibility level.  

I've been to sites where the compatibility level was not changed and GP 
worked fine but I've also seen an instance where a service pack would't load 
until the proper compatibility level was entered.

Hope that helps.


"tstrop" wrote:

> I am moving everything to a new MS Windows Server 2008 box with SQL Server 
> 2008. If you restore a database that was installed on the computer that is 
> running SQL Server 2005 and if you are moving the database to a computer that 
> is running SQL Server 2008, do you have to update the database compatibility 
> level for each database after the restore? 
3/18/2010 7:41:01 PM
Once I restore the dynamics database and the company databases and install 
Server and Client installation on the new server will that already contain 
SP3 that I had applied?

"tstrop" wrote:

> I am moving everything to a new MS Windows Server 2008 box with SQL Server 
> 2008. If you restore a database that was installed on the computer that is 
> running SQL Server 2005 and if you are moving the database to a computer that 
> is running SQL Server 2008, do you have to update the database compatibility 
> level for each database after the restore? 
3/19/2010 7:35:01 PM

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