Data Entry for Budgets in Project Accounting is inefficient

The following is a typical complaint about data entry in the budget screen 
for Project Accounting. It's definitely wasn't designed to be efficient for 
data entry and allow quick changes to the budget items. How this screen 
passed QA is beyond me.

Common User Comment:

"As part of entering in our budgets for a project we delete any cost 
categories that are not budgeted.  To do this takes a lot of time, because 
you can only delete one category at a time, and when you do, the screen comes 
back with your cursor at the top of the screen and thus you have to scroll 
back down to the next zero budgeted line item.  Is there an easier way to 
delete these cost categories?

I’ve spoken with a few other regions and some delete cost categories, some 
don’t and others are not using the template they are just entering in the 
cost categories individually, but we’ve heard that it’s necessary to use the 
template because it pulls in some other necessary information."

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RonRollo (9)
7/19/2007 8:42:01 PM
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