Crystal Reports using SQL query

Hi gang,

Rather new to using CR, I have a SQL query I use inside of CR using the 
COMMAND inside of Database Expert. My SQL query includes:

DECLARE @BegDate datetime;
DECLARE @EndDate datetime;
SET @BegDate = '20100701'
SET @EndDate = '20100731'
***end snip***

I would like to get rid of this hard-coded date portion in the SQL COMMAND 
and have the user running the report get a prompt for the data range they 
want. Also, I would like the selected date range to appear on final report. 
With this setup I cannot display the date range used in the report.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

10/11/2010 6:12:44 PM
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You will need to pass @BegDate and @EndDate as parameters to the report, and 
add the parameters you have to your report for view, article below might 
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"ChicagoPete" <> wrote in message
> Hi gang,
> Rather new to using CR, I have a SQL query I use inside of CR using the
> COMMAND inside of Database Expert. My SQL query includes:
> ***snip***
> DECLARE @BegDate datetime;
> DECLARE @EndDate datetime;
> SET @BegDate = '20100701'
> SET @EndDate = '20100731'
> ***end snip***
> I would like to get rid of this hard-coded date portion in the SQL COMMAND
> and have the user running the report get a prompt for the data range they
> want. Also, I would like the selected date range to appear on final 
> report.
> With this setup I cannot display the date range used in the report.
> Any help is greatly appreciated...
> -Pete 

10/11/2010 6:48:29 PM

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