Code for eConnect

Private Function fncSettingCust(ByVal strNumber As String, ByVal
strName As String, ByVal strAddrCode As String, _
    ByVal strClass As String, ByVal strBTAddrCode As String, ByVal
strBTAddr1 As String, ByVal strBTAddr2 As String, _
    ByVal strBTCity As String, ByVal strBTState As String, ByVal
strBTPostalCode As String, ByVal strBTCountry As String, _
    ByVal strBTPhone1 As String, ByVal strBTPhone2 As String, ByVal
strBTPhone3 As String, ByVal strBTFax As String, _
    ByVal strSTAddrCode As String, ByVal strSTAddr1 As String, _
    ByVal strSTAddr2 As String, ByVal strSTCity As String, ByVal
strSTState As String, _
    ByVal strSTPostalCode As String, ByVal strSTCountry As String, _
    ByVal strSTPhone1 As String, ByVal strSTPhone2 As String, _
    ByVal strSTPhone3 As String, ByVal strSTFax As String) As Boolean
            ' ----------------------- Customer Section
            ' Create Customer Object
            objCustomer = objAdapter.Customer
            ' Setting Customer Properties
            objCustomer.Field("CustomerID") = strNumber
            objCustomer.Field("Name") = strName
            objCustomer.Field("Class") = strClass
            'objCustomer.Field("StatementName") = data.Current.row(17)
            'objCustomer.Field("ShortName") = "shortname"
            objCustomer.Field("Address/AddressID") = strAddrCode
'"BILLTO001" 'Required
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/Contact") = "Contact Person"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/Address1") = "Address Line 1"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/Address2") = "Address Line 2"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/Address3") = "Address Line 3"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/City") = "City"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/State") = "State"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/Zip") = "1234567890"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/Country") = "USA"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/PhoneNumber1") = "1234567890"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/PhoneNumber2") = "1234567890"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/PhoneNumber3") = "1234567890"
            'objCustomer.Field("Address/FaxNumber") = "1234567890"
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/AddressID") =
            'objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/Contact") = ""
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/Address1") = strBTAddr1
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/Address2") = strBTAddr2
            'objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/Address3") =
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/Country") = strBTCountry
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/City") = strBTCity
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/State") = strSTState
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/Zip") = strBTPostalCode
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/PhoneNumber1") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strBTPhone1, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/PhoneNumber2") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strBTPhone2, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/PhoneNumber3") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strBTPhone3, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("BillingAddress/FaxNumber") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strBTFax, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/AddressID") =
            'objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/Contact") =
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/Address1") = strSTAddr1
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/Address2") = strSTAddr2
            'objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/Address3") =
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/Country") = strSTCountry
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/City") = strSTCity
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/State") = strSTState
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/Zip") = strSTPostalCode
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/PhoneNumber1") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strSTPhone1, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/PhoneNumber2") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strSTPhone2, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/PhoneNumber3") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strSTPhone3, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            objCustomer.Field("ShippingAddress/FaxNumber") =
Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(strSTFax, "(", ""), ")", ""),
Microsoft.VisualBasic.Chr(32), ""), "-", "")
            'objCustomer.Field("Comment1") = "comment 1"
            'objCustomer.Field("Comment2") = "comment 2"
            'objCustomer.Field("UserDefined1") = "user defined 1"
            'objCustomer.Field("UserDefined2") = "user defined 2"
            'objCustomer.Field("CreditType") = ""  'Credit limit type:
No Credit = 0, Unlimited = 1, Amount = 2
            'objCustomer.Field("CreditLimit") = ""  'Dependency:
CreditType must be 2
            objCustomer.Field("UpdateIfExists") = "0"
            'objCustomer.Field("") = ""
            'objCustomer.Post() 'This method creates or updates the
customer.  If the customer is added to the
            '[sales order, the customer info will also be
created/updated too.

            ' End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            ' fncPostOrder = False
            MsgBox(ex.Message + ex.Source)
        End Try

' ------------------------- Sales Order Header Section
            'Create Sales Order Object
            objSalesOrder = objAdapter.SalesOrder
            ' Sales Order Types: SalesOrderType_BackOrder,
SalesOrderType_Invoice, SalesOrderType_Order, SalesOrderType_Quote,
            objSalesOrder.Field("Type") =
objSalesOrder.SalesOrderType_Invoice 'Required
            objSalesOrder.Field("TypeID") = "STDINV" 'If empty, will
get default from connection manager config
            objSalesOrder.Field("DocumentID") = strOrdNum
'"PART01234567" 'data.Current.row(4)  'If empty, will auto-generate
using prefix and lastOrder
            'number from connection manager config
            objSalesOrder.Field("Date") = CStr(Now)  'Required
            objSalesOrder.Field("TaxScheduleID") = "DEFAULT" 'Required
            'objSalesOrder.Field("TaxScheduleID") = "0650-010"
            objSalesOrder.Field("ShippingMethod") = strShipMthd
            objSalesOrder.Field("SiteID") = strSiteID '10 '"MAIN"If
empty, will get default from connection manager config
            objSalesOrder.Field("SalesTerritoryID") = "PARTS"
            objSalesOrder.Field("SalesPersonID") = UCase(strRepID.Trim)
' SalesPersonID  "001" 'strRep 'data.Current.row(6) 'SalesPerson
            objSalesOrder.Field("ShipToName") = strShipTo
            objSalesOrder.Field("Subtotal") =
strSubTotal.ToString("f2") 'Required, Must match item extended price
            objSalesOrder.Field("TaxAmount") =
strTaxAmount.ToString("f2") '"0" 'data.Current.row(59) 'Required, Total
Tax Amount
            objSalesOrder.Field("Total") = strTotal.ToString("f2")
'Required, Must match subtotal + tax + freight + misc - discounts
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist1/DistType") = "2"
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist1/AccountNumber") =
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist1/CreditAmount") =
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist1/DebitAmount") =
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist2/DistType") = "1"
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist2/AccountNumber") =
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist2/CreditAmount") =
            objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist2/DebitAmount") =
            '''''''''''''''''''''Mark Down''''''''''''''''''
            If strTotDisAmt = 0 Then
                objSalesOrder.Field("MarkdownTotal") = strTotDisAmt
'.ToString("f2") 'Must equal sum of MarkDown's for all items
                objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist3/DistType") =

objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist3/AccountNumber") =
= "0.00"
= strTotDisAmt
            End If
            If strFreAmt = 0 Then
                objSalesOrder.Field("FreightAmount") =
                objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist4/DistType") =

objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist4/AccountNumber") =
= strFreAmt.ToString("f2")
= "0.00"
            End If
            'If strFreAmt = 0 Then

            'objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist5/DistType") = "3"
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist5/AccountNumber") =
"0103-000" 'strGLAcctNoSalesMark 'strGLAcctNoFreight
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist5/CreditAmount") =
"0.00" 'strFreAmt.ToString("f2")
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Distributions/Dist5/DebitAmount") =
"10.00" '"0.00"
            'End If
            objSalesOrder.Field("BatchID") = fncBatchID(strSiteID.Trim)
'"PARTS-" & strSiteID & "-" & Date.Today.Month & Date.Today.Day &
Date.Today.Year 'fncBatchID(strSiteID)
            objSalesOrder.Field("FreightTaxAmount") = "0"
            objSalesOrder.Field("MiscAmount") = "0"
            objSalesOrder.Field("MiscTaxAmount") = "0"
            objSalesOrder.Field("TradeDiscount") = "0"
            objSalesOrder.Field("CommentID") = ""
            objSalesOrder.Field("Comment1") = "PartsApp"
            objSalesOrder.Field("Comment2") = ""
            objSalesOrder.Field("PONumber") = strPoNum
            objSalesOrder.Field("CurrencyID") = "Z-US$"
            'objSalesOrder.Field("CurrencyID") = ""
            ' For Line Item level taxes
            objSalesOrder.Field("UsingHeaderLevelTaxes") = "1"
'Required.  1 = header level taxes, 0 = line item level taxes
            '' For Header Level Taxes
            ''objSalesOrder.Field("UsingHeaderLevelTaxes") = "1"
'Required.  1 = header level taxes, 0 = line item level taxes
            '' Tax Amounts for each Tax Detail you wish to apply need
to be specified
            '' 1st Tax Detail
            objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_1/TaxAmount") =
            objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_1/TaxDetailID") = "CCS"   '
"32101"this will change with the live code
            objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_1/TaxType") = "0" '0 =
Regular, 1 = Freight, 2 = Misc          2nd Tax Detail
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_2/TaxAmount") = "0.00"
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_2/TaxDetailID") = "32101"
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_2/TaxType") = "1" '0 =
Regular, 1 = Freight, 2 = Misc          2nd Tax Detail
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_3/TaxAmount") = "0.00"
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_3/TaxDetailID") = "32101"
            'objSalesOrder.Field("Taxes/Tax_3/TaxType") = "2" '0 =
Regular, 1 = Freight, 2 = Misc          2nd Tax Detail
            ' -------------------------- Line Item Section
            ' Creating Item Object

            'objSalesOrder.Field("UpdateExisting") = "1"

        Catch ex As Exception
            ' fncPostOrder = False
        End Try
        Return True

 objItem = objAdapter.LineItem
        objItem.AddNew()   'Adding first item
        ' Setting Item Properties
        objItem.Field("ItemCode") = strItemNum '"02UE0424"  'Requireda
        objItem.Field("ItemClass") = strClassID 'Recommended
        'objItem.Field("StandardCost") = "322.2"
        'objItem.Field("CurrentCost") = "6.31"
        'objItem.Field("UnitCost") = ""Replace(strUnitCost, "00", "")
     'Only used if Return type document
        objItem.Field("UnitPrice") = strUnitCost.ToString("f2")
'Replace(strUnitCost, "00", "") 'strUnitCost  '"322.2"  'Required
        objItem.Field("ExtendedPrice") = ExtdAmount.ToString("f2")
'ExtdAmount 'Replace(ExtdAmount, "00", "") 'ExtdAmount '"322.2"
        objItem.Field("Quantity") = strQty  'Required
        'objItem.Field("SubTotal") =
Me.dsBatch.PartsOrderDet(intCount).ExtdAmt '"322.2"
        objItem.Field("InventoryAccount") = ""
        objItem.Field("CostOfGoodsAccount") = ""
        'objItem.Field("SalesAccount") = "" ' strGLAcctNo
        'objItem.Field("MarkdownsAccount") = "" 'strGLAcctNo
        objItem.Field("ReturnsAccount") = ""
        objItem.Field("InUseAccount") = ""
        objItem.Field("InServiceAccount") = ""
        objItem.Field("DamagedAccount") = ""
        objItem.Field("CurrencyID") = "Z-US$"
        'objItem.Field("CurrencyID") = ""
        objItem.Field("Name") = "Parts App"
        objItem.Field("Description") = Trim(strDesc)
        objItem.Field("MarkDown") = strMarkDown 'Format(dblDisAmt,
        'Replace(strDisAmt, "00", "")  'Sum of MarkDown amounts per
item must equal total in header
        objItem.Field("Category") = ""
        objItem.Field("UnitOfMeasure") = strUOM  'Required
        objItem.Field("TaxAmount") = "0"  'Total tax for each line
item, Required for Line Item Taxes
        objItem.Field("NonInventory") = "0"  '1 = Yes, 0 = No
        objItem.Field("Taxable") = "0"   '1 = Yes, 0 = No
        objItem.Field("Comment") = ""
        ' Must have an incremented Line Item Sequence number for each
line item
        ' Increments by multiples of 16384 (Great Plains Requirement)
        objItem.Field("Sequence") = intLineItemTax     'Required for
Line Item Taxes
        ' The following 3 lines are required for posting an item.
        objItem.Field("SiteID") = strSiteID 'ask bruce what locationg
set to
        objItem.Field("UofMSchedule") = "Ea"
        objItem.Field("UofMPercent") = "100"
        objItem.Field("PriceLevel") = "DEFAULT"
        ' Mark item as non-inventory
        'objItem.Field("NonInventory") = "1"
        intLineItemTax += intLineItemTax

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